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VegaVriend strives to make vegan food for dogs and cats the norm instead of the exception.

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We know from experience that it has previously been difficult to obtain vegan food. To save others this inconvenience, we strive to offer all available vegan products for pets in our webshop. We want to be generally regarded as the most complete webshop for vegan pets.

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What do the gourmets say?

  • Nova eats vegan because I became a vegan myself 3 years ago. It didn't feel right after that to give meat. Nova has also had a congenital skin defect since she was 1,5 years old. 


    Vegan since:


    Favorite snack:

    Buddy cookies
  • Otis is a minpin mix of over 9 years. We adopted him when he was 20 months old in February 2013. He was then in a shelter after having been taken out of a bad situation with a number of other dogs by the Animal Protection Agency 6 weeks earlier.


    Vegan since:


    Favorite snack:

    the Whimzees Toothbrush
  • I am vegan myself (for the animals) and came into contact with VegaVriend and Lisette Kreischer. When I read and learned more about vegan dog food, this seemed like a logical step to me. Before Nera (a Romanian sweetheart) came to us, I already had the sample package from VegaVriend! We gave our previous Romanian sweetheart 'normal' dog food for 10 years. This is because you 'just' did this without thinking. (She passed away a year ago.)


    Vegan since:

    July 2020

    Favorite snack:

    Whimzees Stix