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Source: NRC
Date: April 5, 2018
By: Anna Krijger
Sit! Stay! And eat vegan!

Quotes from the article:

“I often hear that vegan food is not natural,” says Scholtes. He can make a living there. “But just because something is 'unnatural' doesn't mean it's wrong. We do a lot of things that are not natural for pets, such as visiting the vet."

"Scholtes' cats have been fed vegan food with the required taurine for twelve years, he says, and that is going well: “Hannah is almost thirteen and Snoopy is fifteen years old. ” His vet, Erik Heylen from the DierenDokters practice in Hilversum, confirms that the animals are healthy. He has numerous animals in the practice that eat vegan. The bosses read themselves well, he says. “Every year we check from head to toe and from blood to urine how the patients are doing. The owners can also take the packaged vegan food to the practice and then I assess the values ​​and composition. So far I don't see any disadvantages. ” “