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Published: June 20, 2022
Animal-friendly and sustainable clothing

At VegaVriend we are busy every day with the best vegan food for our pets. We are very interested in a vegan way of life. We came across a clothing brand that completely fits our vision. This is of course something we would like to brand with you.

The logo of the brand is a dog's head and the name of the brand is also very telling, namely: 'IT'S PAWSOME' how cool is that!

IT'S PAWSOME is a sustainable and vegan clothing brand, with an emphasis on the fact that there has been no animal suffering in the composition and production. This is of course very appealing to us. That is why we would like to give some attention to this clothing brand in this blog post. The most important thing is that attention is paid to sustainable consumption, which also includes clothing.

IT'S PAWSOME is completely in line with this. Wonderfully fitting casual wear that lasts a long time. Have you become curious now? Scroll down quickly, below you will also find more information about the labels that are used to make sure that what is said is also fulfilled, which is of course important.

What is vegan clothing?

Vegan clothing or vegan fashion is clothing in which no animal products are processed. In short, this means that no fur, leather, wool, feathers, silk or felt is used in the production. Read more about vegan clothing.

The impact of the clothing industry

The clothing industry is not necessarily a textbook example of a climate- and animal-friendly industry. That is why we like to do our part by paying attention to where we buy clothes. The advantage of vegan clothing is often that it also contains all kinds of other sustainable labels. These labels relate, for example, to the use of pesticides in the production of the material or the working conditions of the workers. You can read more about these labels here.

How do you recognize vegan clothing?

Vegan clothing can be recognized by the PETA Approved Vegan logo. This logo comes from the well-known organization PETA, an organization that has been committed to animal welfare for many years. With the logo, PETA hopes to give extra attention to companies/brands that do not use animal products in their offer!


In collaboration with IT'S PAWSOME we have made a nice discount code available for customers of VegaVriend. With the code 'vegavriend' you get a 10% discount on your order!