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Vegan since: 2006
Age: 12 years
Favorite snack:

She really likes vegan butter, soy cream, vegan ham and other vegan spreads.

Hannah likes to eat vegan spreads!

Hannah came to live with us six months after Snoopy. Hannah was (and is) a very scared pussy. She came from somewhere where a lot of cats have been taken from the house. She had some 'start-up problems' in the beginning that upset her stomach. After some special food from the vet it all worked out and she was always fed vegan food.

She gets vegan food, because I don't want other animals to suffer for her. At the moment she gets a mix of it Amy CatBenevo cat en Evolution (chunks). Every now and then she gets some wet food vegetarian food or Evolution.

My vet now performs an annual age check. For this, some blood is always taken and the urine is examined. So far the results of these studies have been excellent. Hannah is doing fine and she eats her tasty treats every day. ” - Rick Scholtes