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Vegan since: May 2018
Age: 6 years
Favorite snack:


Jos shines when he walks in the sun

Jos is an adopted dog from Bulgaria and together with Léonie makes our lives so much richer. Already with his super sweet and
very dedicated foster family he got vegan dog food. Despite his background, he is a super soft cuddly ass who loves lounging on the couch as much as he likes long walks in the woods or on the beach, then he seems tireless.
He also likes to stay with his “bomma” and bompa ”where he is pampered with Léonie. Joske is a sweetheart.

Joske eats vegan, because we ourselves have been convinced vegan for 5 years and had a very difficult time with the animal nutrition of our 6 cats and 2 dogs. It didn't make sense. We switched the dogs first and later the cats. The cats were mainly fed fish-based food, but with the knowledge of the animal suffering that was no longer an option. Rick Scholtes' expertise helped us make the decision. 

Jos now gets Ami Dog chunks en Amy Dog wet food Red and Yellow. Occasionally Benevo Duo wet food which is slightly moistened with water.

We first gave the test bags for the dry kibble and there was the most enthusiastic response to Ami Dog. Amidog wet food is also a big favorite with both of our dogs. They still go crazy at every measure when I bring out the kibble and cans. I usually mix a small portion of kibble with a small portion of wet food, 3 times a day. For a change, I sometimes soak the chunks in boiled water with a very small amount of unsalted vegetable stock, with or without boiled vegetables, and then let it cool down. Jos's coat showed chapped and bald spots, but these have now disappeared. He shines when he walks in the sun. In terms of weight, he gained a lot of weight, but that was not so bad in the beginning. Now we make sure that he does not exceed the recommended amounts and his weight remains stable. Joske is a happy, healthy and energetic vegan dog. ” - Inez

Written on 26/2/2020