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100% Vegan

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Vegan since: 2021
Age: 2 years
Favorite snack:

VegDog Beevy

Active Tuck does great on vegan food

”Tuck is on vegan food from puppies on and he is doing great on it. Tuck gets vegan food because we live vegan ourselves and we would therefore find it strange to buy meat when a dog does not necessarily need it. Vegan food is better for the environment and no other animals have suffered for it. In addition, he does very well on it and I see no reason to change food.

We tested several brands to see which Tuck responds best to. Pieces like Greta en VegDog Green Crunch Have preference. Hopefully there will be more brands and options for vegan food soon. At this time, Tuck gets V-Dog crunchy nuggets. We change the type of food every year. His favorite snacks are the VegDog Beevys.

Tuck has an active 'lifestyle'. We do canitrail, canicross and go hiking in the mountains during the holidays.” –Olga



Written in May 2023