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Vegan since: March 2020
Age: 12 years
Favorite snack:

Winter carrot or chewing sticks.

Bobje has been refurbished by eating vegan

'My name is Bobje (Bobbie) and I am a dog of almost 12 years young. I am an incredibly sweet guy with strong willpower and love. Unfortunately I have a history of many medical issues including severe epilepsy and several major bladder surgeries and allergies.

Nevertheless, I am full of life! My owner thinks I'm very sweet and says I'm a huge bon vivant! Fortunately, I have had many successful treatments through complementary care, naturopathy and bio-resonance. Despite everything, my owner thinks I'm extremely strong and she thinks I've developed further! I even grew a bit after a few years!

For my owner it was already normal to eat vegan. It is certainly fantastic that this can now be done every day for me! This wasn't such a crazy move at all. Because I've been eating vegetarian and organic fresh food since I was little. Now that I'm grown up, it turned out that when I got completely vegan food, I improved enormously and the allergies also decreased enormously, and even stayed away. Even after all treatment the epilepsy.

And even my eyes improved again!

The beautiful products that you can buy through Vegavriend help and are also handy. A real friend. Because I am not allowed, for example, a number of things such as grain or soy. Besides that you can also cook yourself! That's what boss does. Which I think is fun. See here, for example, the book Dog.Eat.Plant. What she finds super handy, she says, because such a book had never been encountered before, and luckily saw here that this is already happening and being used much more worldwide. It also becomes clear what supplements may be necessary for me, but I was already used to that! J And not only do you help your own friend(s), you help all animals with this! And that is the most beautiful thing!

It is a process that we become more aware of this together. We understand that.

This takes time and a lot of love. This is how we help each other in love. Our dear friends. Animal & Human.

Love and a big leg from Bobje & my Owner'