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100% Vegan

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Vegan since: 2015
Age: 16 years
Favorite snack:

Amì Cat

Bowie loves Amì

“Bowie gets vegan food because I can't afford to buy meat, because I think meat or animal food with meat stinks and because I don't want to contribute in any way to the meat industry. You have influence when you spend money. When the industry does not receive funding in any way, they are forced to change direction. So I feed Bowie vegan food for emotional, rational and practical reasons. 

Bowie has both Amì Cat and benevo had. But mainly Amì Cat. She loves it! She always comes to ask when it's dinner time. It does her good too. When I got her she was still overweight but Amì put her on a healthy weight. Her coat also looks healthy, full and shiny. She has little to no hairballs or hair loss. Recently I also tried some canned food. She got very excited about it Benevo duet. ” - Sabine Zwanink

Written on 05/07/2019