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Vegan since: 2018
Age: 7 years
Charlotje has been strengthened with vegetarian food

Charlotje was adopted by us in 2018 and since she has been with us, she has been eating vegan. We are also vegan ourselves and do not think you can save one animal and then kill another animal to feed your own 'rescued' animal. That's why Charlotje now gets the dry food from Yarrah in combination with canned food, usually Benevo Duo en Ami Dog green. She also receives Alpro soy mild & creamy and nutritional yeast flakes.

When Charlotje first came to us, she was very thin. We immediately gave her the vegetarian chunks and in the meantime she has already gained a few kilos. She is very active and running is really in her blood. She is very cheerful and really pulls the other two (Momo and Esmée) along to be more active.

What we also noticed, when she first came to us, is that she had a growth under her armpit and her teeth showed a lot of plaque. We went to the vet for that and he suggested to anesthetize her to clean her teeth and use the anesthetic to remove the tumor. What seems? Since she's been with us, her teeth have become much whiter and cleaner and believe it or not, the growth has completely disappeared! We can only attribute this to her diet? The vet has no explanation but I am really convinced that nutrition has played a role.

She is very grateful when she gets a little extra and can really enjoy the chew sticks from soopa, these with banana and peanut butter are her favorite. Unlike Momo, this is really pure chewing pleasure for her and she lasts a long time with the stick. Nice to see!'' - Vanessa and Heiko

Written on 19/6/2019