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Vegan since: 2016
Age: 3 years
Favorite snack:

Sometimes she gets vegan cheese, smoked tofu or chickpeas.

Chopin's coat is shiny and soft

Chopin eats vegan, because our family is vegan, so we didn't want to support the terrible animal industry through the cat food. Chopin has been part of our family for over three years. She came to us as a kitten, together with her “half brother” Spock, who came from another litter. At that time our old male Acda was still alive, who had been getting the kibble for several years Ami Cat and homemade vegan wet food. For example, the “normal” kitten food quickly became less interesting and it was easy to switch.

Today Chopin eats Benevo chunks, Evolution Gourmet Fondue Cat Kibble and Evolution wet food. We tested several brands before we found the ideal food that really appealed to us. Finding tasty kibble was not that difficult, wet food was. Because Benevo duet en vegetarian food weren't favorites. Homemade wet food with eg chickpeas and rice and the necessary supplements was the solution for a while, but now the Evolution wet food is the winner. Too bad there are so few vegan snacks for cats! 

Chopin is a real cuddly cat. She likes to crawl in everything and also sleeps under the covers in our bed at night. She is also very active and especially likes to catch "dangerous" spiders, mosquitoes and other insects. She loves being brushed and her coat is also wonderfully shiny and soft. 

Our cats are both perfectly healthy and have a nice shiny coat. We regularly receive compliments from visitors and also the vet. We are very happy! ”

Written on 22/9/2019