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100% Vegan

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Vegan since: November 2018
Age: 4 years
Favorite snack:

Vegan bread, gingerbread, cake, biscuit ...

Knäuli, the handsome male, loves to eat!

“Knäuli eats vegan, because we ourselves have been vegan for 5 years and had a very difficult time feeding our 6 cats and 2 dogs. It didn't make sense. We switched the dogs first and later the cats. The cats were mainly fed fish-based food, but with the knowledge of the animal suffering that was no longer an option. Rick Scholtes' expertise helped us make the decision. 

Knäuli now receives Ami Cat kibble and now and then Benevo duo wet food which I moisten a little with water. Sometimes they also get a scoop of Amidog wet food red or yellow when the dogs get their food, but that is more like a treat ...

We first gave the test bags for the dry kibble and the cats themselves showed a clear preference for Ami Cat. The transition went smoothly and without significant problems. The only noticeable difference was a little weight loss but that has stabilized. Furthermore, all cats are in good condition, with a healthy coat and enough energy.

Knäuli is the first of our 6 adopted cats. He was found as an abandoned kitten in a holiday home in the South of France. The finders and we met each other up to Paris to take him over ... They gave him his name, which means “little ball of wool”. In the meantime he is a big, handsome tomcat. When he went vegan he lost some excess weight so that was an added benefit. Because Knäuli likes to eat and no kitchen cupboard is safe for him, he can break in like the best! When the bowls with Amicat chunks are empty, he is the first to wail loudly. ” - Inez

Written on 26/2/2020