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Vegan since: 2014
Age: between 12 and 14 years
Favorite snack:

Greenheart trainers & vegan pig ears

Lulu is no longer itchy

“Lulu comes from the shelter and had problems with her skin when we got her, she scratched herself a lot and also had bald spots. The vet warned that this probably wouldn't go away. I once read that yarrah has been making vegetable chunks for animals that suffer from their skin for a long time, so we tried that. It's fine, Lulu no longer has itching and a good coat. 

Lulu likes to eat varied, so we often add some of our own meal to the kibble so that she has something different every day.

When we have dogs visiting, we always enjoy eating. I have not yet met a dog that is not enthusiastic. Several acquaintances from the park have switched to vegetable chunks because they know Lulu ”- jacqueline