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Vegan since: 2017
Age: 8 years
Favorite snack:


Milo switched at the age of 6

“Milo gets vegan food because I am a vegan myself and after a lot of research and comparing food, I have discovered that vegan dog food can be a complete food that contains everything dogs need. Less fats also ensure that my animals maintain their weight better. Milo has a heart murmur and she also functions well on vegetable food. Healthy pets without having to let other animals suffer as well as a smaller ecological footprint make it logical for me to make the decision.

My dogs are currently being fed dry food from Yarrah and Green Petfood. My experience with the vegetable food is a beautiful shiny coat, dogs that maintain their weight, energetic, less intestinal complaints (not even diarrhea at menopause). 

In terms of price, I certainly don't pay more than if I bought animal chunks and snacks. I am very satisfied with my choice and hope that in the future there will be even more awareness about veganism in dogs and that it is certainly not unhealthy. At the moment there is still too much the idea that dogs are pure carnivores and that they would be short of anything on vegan food. My four-legged friends are living proof that this is certainly not the case. ” - Lindsey van den Eynde

Written on 23/8/2019