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100% Vegan

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Vegan since: January 2020
Age: 1,5 years
Favorite snack:

He likes everything I let him taste.

Modest prefers to eat vegan food

'Modest eats vegan, because I eat plant-based food and I wanted to try to get our dogs to eat plant-based food as well. I had heard quite a few pros and cons until I did some research on it myself. This week I had their first blood test and everything was fine.

Modest is now eating V-dog Flakes. He really loves it! I let the vegetable chunks soak in warm water for a while and he loves it. This way he also gets some extra water, because in general he drinks very little water during the day.

In terms of energy level, he is still just as playful and fit as before. I do notice that Basile and Modest prefer these chunks much more than their chunks with meat. I had to stand next to the chunks with meat so that they neatly emptied their bowl. I don't have to do that anymore, because when their own bowl is empty they go together to see if there is any leftovers in it. - Melanie Schaekers

Written on 3/8/2020