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Vegan since: 2017
Age: 8 years
Favorite snack:

All vegan snacks are appreciated

Momo likes all snacks

“We have only noticed the benefits of vegan food so far. With every dog ​​(see also Charlotje and Esmee) we switched to the Yarrah kibble immediately after the adoption and they tolerate it well, the bowel movements are normal. They do have a little more stool. They love to eat the vegan food, especially in combination with wet food, soy yogurt and nutritional yeast flakes.

Momo had a stomach problem and reflux when he got to us. Was very bad in the beginning but after a few weeks Yarrah we can say that we have this under control and he feels a lot better.

Momo gets vegan food, among other things, because we had a good experience with our former English bulldog: Ebony. When Ebony was nine years old (and didn't eat vegan yet), she was gone. She had a lot of joint problems and little energy. We then switched to the vegan kibble from Yarrah and we got a new dog! She felt very good and went everywhere again. Ebony turned 12 and has remained active to the last. We are therefore very satisfied with a vegan diet for the dog. ” - Vanessa and Heiko