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Vegan since: July 2020
Age: (almost) 4 years
Favorite snack:

whimzees Stix and Toothbrushes, dried sweet potato and coconut, all kinds of cookies from you and of course the Vegusto Vegi-Dog maxi sausage!

Nera is now a happy eater!

“I am vegan myself (for the animals) and came into contact with VegaVriend and Lisette Kreischer. When I read and learned more about vegan dog food, this seemed like a logical step to me. Before Nera (a Romanian sweetheart) came to us, I already had the sample package from VegaVriend! We gave our previous Romanian sweetheart 'normal' dog food for 10 years. This is because you 'just' did this without thinking. (She passed away a year ago.) 

At this point, Nera is getting the little chunks of it Greta, her favorite wet food from Pauline and since I booked it Dog.Eat.Plant also have self-compounded food with a supplement.

Nera was not 'such an eater' it was said when we got her. I think she has always had to wait for her food, in the pack where she stayed at a shelter in Romania and before that too, when she spent an indefinite period of time chained on someone's land.

In the beginning I was happy when she ate something. I tried everything. But when I started giving her vegetable wet food, her appetite changed! We tried out all the cans and Pauline's wet food turned out to be her favorite!

I was looking forward to the Dog.Eat.Plant book with great heart. I couldn't wait to start cooking for her myself. This with the necessary substantiated knowledge of course! I made sure I had the supplements at home. The first meal I made for her was a great success! She almost licked the bottom of her tank!

Now, when I am cooking in the evening, Nera gets all restless with joy because she is now eating with us!

A home prepared meal or an occasional can. And in between she still likes to eat her kibble! Because now she's a happy eater!

As a supplement:
I never thought that giving your pet animal-free, plant-based food, could bring you so much joy! Knowing that no other animals have suffered for this, knowing that it is super healthy and balanced nutrition, invented and made by people who have the good for all animals in their minds. It gives you a feeling of gratitude! And this has deepened my bond with Nera even deeper. This because I am really aware of what I give her, and because I really choose or make this with love for her (and all other animals).
- Petra Breure

Written on 23/1/2021