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Vegan since: 2015
Age: He will be 29 years old on June 10.
Favorite snack:

de Whimzee's Toothbrush en Soopa Healthy Bites. Otis also loves fruit and soy yogurt.

Otis has the energy of a young dog

Otis is a minpin mix of over 9 years old. We adopted him when he was 20 months old in February 2013. He was then in a shelter after being taken out of a bad situation with a number of other dogs by the Animal Protection Agency 6 weeks earlier.

Otis primarily eats vegan because we are also vegans ourselves. But also because I believe that a diet without animal suffering is also better for an animal. I first started reading about the vegan feeding of dogs. He's eating now Vegdog Green Crunch (always sliced ​​with a carrot) for breakfast and Senior wet food with extra vegetables and some additional supplements for dinner.

Fun fact about Otis, he only likes soft toys. He is also very careful with that. He has a real hug posse. His first toy he got from us (now 8 years ago), Rataplan the rat, he still has and is his best friend.

Otis is almost 10 years old, but he has the energy of a young dog and the jumping skills of a kangaroo.
He is always happy and very funny. ” - 

Written on 25/3/2021