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Vegan since: January 2021
Age: 8 years
Sacha has no more skin problems

'Sacha is very relaxed, takes it easy although she loves her play egg, catching frisbees and balls. Sacha is less sociable, she is a bit shy but once she knows someone she is very sociable. Sacha's favorite snack is the multivitamin chewing bone and she finds the Vegusto sausage delicious too. We use the VeggiePet Sweet Potato training balls when training, she loves it!

At the end of January this year we started switching our border collies Jessy and Sacha to Vegan Dog Food. After ordering several test bags, the Greta chunks to be no. 1 with both. Sometimes I alternate with To me wet food, the Vegusto sausage and regular extra vegetables and fruit that are healthy and suitable for them.

Both had skin problems for years, Jessy worse than Sacha. That often started in April and lasted until October, terribly scratching and biting the fur, creating hotspots. Because we couldn't figure out where it came from, they were both given medication for the itching.

Since we started with Vegan food, all complaints have disappeared! No more itching, no more hot spots, no more medication needed. Really beyond expectations and we are so happy! Our vet is also fully behind it and would like to follow it, so she wants to do a blood check on both in September, but we expect that it will be very positive. (Update Oct 2021: The blood results are in order.)

Their coats look healthier, and their stools have never been as good and consistent as they have been since they started eating Vegan. And they love it!

We have a subscription which is very nice, and it is delivered perfectly every month. They also love the training sweets and chews, not too much of course, it was a bit of a search in the beginning for the balance because they gained some weight, but are now back to their ideal weight. 

We are very happy! And also to be able to contribute to the better welfare of all animals now in our family (the dogs are our children).' – Frans and Merlinde Swiers

Written on 26/7/2021