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Vegan since: early 2018
Age: 2,5 years
Favorite snack:

Whimzees crocodile en Vegusto sausage

Toby is very sporty

Toby is fed vegan food for ethical reasons. Toby also got diarrhea easily with animal food, the vet thought it was not a bad idea and so the choice was quickly made. He is getting at the moment Greta chunks and Ami Dog wet food (all four flavors). 

Toby is doing very well on his diet, he is an energetic dog and that is why we run a lot together. While running, he wears a special pull harness that is attached to my hip belt with an elastic line. Running in this way with your dog is also called Canicross / Canitrail, the dog may also pull. We run an average of 20-40km a week and our longest trail so far was 17km. We walk a lot less in the summer, of course, because it is often too hot for him. But we are already looking forward to the start of the season in September! ” - Marcella

Written on 05/07/2019