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100% Vegan

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Vegan since: 2009
Age: 11 years
Favorite snack:

Benevo Rumble comics

Tygo has been eating vegan for over 10 years

Tygo has been eating vegan since his first year. I am vegan myself and I don't think animals should die for eating my pets. Tygo has had Yarrah chunks in conjunction with it for a long time wet food from Yarrahbecause he's a fancy eater. He now also gets wet food Do you love and we now alternate the Yarrah with the Lukkulus chunks for the variation. Tygo loves Ami's wet food, but he is not very fond of kibble. When I mix it, he eats it well.

He is a happy and active Shih Tzu dog who has never had any health problems. It just feels good that he enjoys eating and snacking without animal suffering. ' - Patricia van der Weijde

Written on 9/5/2019