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Vegan since: 2017
Age: 4 years
Favorite snack:

Banana! (Actually, he loves all kinds of fruits.)

Vegan food is a godsend for Jip

Jip is getting VeggieDog at the moment. Previously he had Fitness Trainer 3 but he started vomiting if there was too long between meals, especially at night. The chunks of Fit pressed he gets as a snack. 

Since Jip is 6 months old, he has a lot of allergy complaints. It was quite a quest to find out what for. He appears to have an allergy to dust mites and brok mites, but also food allergies. After elimination with different animal species, it turned out that he reacts allergic to any animal protein if he is given it for a longer period of time. It went reasonably well on vet chunks, but I still wanted to try vegetarian chunks. We also eat vegetarian food, so we also liked the idea. I discussed with our super nice vet whether this was a good idea and whether he would not be short of anything. She checked the ingredients and thought it was a good idea. Jip is doing great and has far fewer complaints. The vet is so enthusiastic that she has recommended it to more dogs with allergies.

The nice thing is that Jip also seems to love fruit and vegetables. He thinks the chunks are super tasty and all the vegetarian snacks too. In fact, he doesn't seem to have any interest in meat at all. Where he used to fish a carcass in nature, he now comes with banana peels.

I see a lot of other dogs for my work and they also like the veggie chunks and snacks. ” - Willemien