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Vegan since: September 2017
Age: 11 years
Favorite snack:

Among other things, the Whimzee's Ricebone en vegan pig ears

Vegan food works wonders for Fico

“Fico eats vegan, because I myself (after having first eaten vegetarian for 30 years) have been eating vegan for 18 years now and I increasingly opposed feeding meat to the dogs. 

Our previous dogs were vegetarian, but Fico remained skinny with everything we fed. At the time, I eventually started feeding Fico fresh meat that brought him to a normal weight. However, I had more and more trouble with all that meat. When I heard about vegan dog food, I went to Rick Scholtes' lecture and that gave me the final push. I then brought all kinds of test bags to see if Fico and Tinka liked it. They both liked everything. With my vet (who is very much in favor of feeding fresh meat, but who understood my aversion to it), I looked at the food on this website and she said, "It's all in there, fine." The changeover went smoothly. 

Fico is currently eating the chunks of it Greta, wet food from To me en yarrah, fresh vegetables and all kinds of vegan nibbles.

Fico had osteoarthritis in his front leg at a very young age. He regularly got trauma or Chinese herbs for this when he was very limping again. Then the question was always: "Can he go for a walk?"

The vegan diet works wonders. Since he gets that, I've only given him trauma once and he could always go for a walk. When he gets out of his basket, he sometimes limps a little bit, but much less than a year and a half ago, before he started eating vegan.

Fico keeps his weight nicely, given the past I was afraid that he would become skinny again. Tinka is also doing very well on the Greta chunks. We often get compliments for both dogs for looking so good.

I can feed my dogs guilt-free and with pleasure again!

My joint pain also disappeared when I started eating vegan 18 years ago, but to see such a huge improvement in my dog ​​now is really fantastic. ”- Helen Jonker

Written on 25/3/2019

Update 2-10-2019:
“Fico is doing so well, he will turn 12 in a month! He will never limp again, even if he has walked or been lying for a while! Amazing when you consider how young he already had severe osteoarthritis in his front leg and how often he suffered from it. Until he started eating vegan 2 years ago!

I am so happy that we switched. Now I can feed them without feeling guilty. And they love everything. ”