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Vegan since: early 2018
Age: 3 years and 8 months
Favorite snack:

Banana or carrot

Wotan lives in the forest

“I adopted Wodan and Lente 2,5 years ago and they have been fed vegan food ever since. Wotan is named after the god of wisdom and struggle: Odin. He would most likely have been sentenced to death in the shelter for “unrepentant biting”, but I was allowed to approach him, and although it left me with some scars during the first few months, I immediately had a tremendous amount of awe for him. 

Wotan is being fed vegan, because I adopted him to save him from a hopeless situation and I could not accept that other animals now have to “live” and die for him in hopeless situations. He is currently getting twice a day V-Dog Flakes en Ami Dog chunks and in between I give a lot of varied food, such as beans, vegetables and fruit. Wodan, Lente and Pili love to eat everything. Their breath never stinks, their excrement composts very quickly.

I live with the dogs (Pili, Lente and Wodan) in a forest so they have a lot of exercise, good air, always fresh groundwater from the well in a bath, and have had to stop hunting. They are lean, but quite muscular and have a lot of energy. They are very fit and playful, and very large and quirky. Wodan was dumped and would be killed for biting, Lente is his sister and was in the shelter with him. They are all very open here, with a lot of patience and some scars here and there. ' - Samuel Coppens

Written on 25/07/2020