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Vegan since: February 2020
Age: 3,5 years
Favorite snack:

 He likes everything: a raw piece of carrot, some brewer's yeast flakes, etc.

Wolfje's stomach problems are almost gone

'Wolfje had recurring stomach problems with all meats; fresh, processed, or processed into chunks. He now eats vegan and he is doing well on that. I like that he is doing well because I thought that would not be good for my dog. I usually eat vegan myself.

Wolf now mainly receives self-composed food, with the occasional few water-soaked chunks of Lukullus veggie. 

Wolfje has a very sensitive gastrointestinal system and ultimately does not tolerate any animal protein. Now that he is fed vegan food, the pain and pain have largely disappeared. It's not completely gone yet; CBD oil from De Groene Os also gives him relief. And I'm still looking for an even more pleasant life.

About composing yourself; 
- nice that there are good ones supplements 
-I prefer not to give him soy products as a protein source. I prefer to use red lentils or split peas, or other pureed varieties.
- In the book Verrot Lekker by Christian Weij and in Fermenteren, step by step by Adam Eland I found recipes to (partly) ferment them; they are easier to digest and the nutritional value is greater! A must for humans and animals! ' -
 Tineke Butter bread
Written on 4/8/2020