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What are the shipping costs?

Orders from the Netherlands are shipped free of charge from an order amount of € 85. Under € 85, shipping costs € 7,85. Orders from Belgium are shipped free of charge from an order amount of € 110. Under € 110, shipping costs € 9,74.
See also Payment methods & Shipping costs.

How can I pay?

We try to offer the most used and easy ways to pay online. You can find the complete list at Payment methods & Shipping costs.

What is the delivery time?

All orders are presented by us to PostNL within 2 working days after payment. You will receive a confirmation of shipment of your order containing a Track & Trace code. With this code you can see for yourself when the package will be offered to you. Also see Ordering & Delivery.

Can I take out a subscription?

Yes, that's possible! You can set this yourself.

You can take out your subscription as follows:
You go to the desired product with subscription option (this is clearly indicated on the product itself). With the product you can choose the frequency at which you want to receive your subscription. You then put the product in the shopping cart. Do you want multiple products in 1 subscription? Then you also put it in your shopping cart as described above. Your subscription starts on the day you do this.

At the checkout you do this the first time with iDeal and then it will automatically go via SEPA (direct debit).

Note: If you want to cancel your subscription, you have to email us.

How can I be sure that there are no animal ingredients in the products?

VegaVriend does not sell products with animal ingredients. If necessary, we always check with the supplier / producer of the product about the exact ingredients to guarantee that all products in our webshop are 100% vegan.

Can I return or exchange products?

Of course it is possible to exchange or return your order (provided your ordered product does not fall under a legal exception). This can be done within 14 days after receipt of your complete order. Send us an email with the order number and the items you want to return or exchange to [email protected]. if you want to exchange or return. We will send you a return label by email, with which you can return the products. Also see Returns & Exchanges.

Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?

See our here Terms & Conditions.

Do you have a Privacy statement?

See our here Privacy Statement.

I have a complaint, what now?

We have a procedure for any complaints. If you cannot find a solution with us, Stichting Webwinkelkeur can mediate. They are an independent party that stands up for the interests of online consumers. We are affiliated with them. See for the procedure Complaints.

Switch to vegan food

Can I read stories from people who have already switched?

Hell yes! You can find these stories under the heading Reviews.

Do you already feed your dog or cat vegan and would you like to brand your experience with us, please contact us!

Why should I switch my dog ​​or cat to vegan food?

There are approximately 2,7 million cats and 1,6 million dogs in the Netherlands. If all these dogs and cats are fed a diet of animal products, this has two major disadvantages: First of all, the products come from animals that have often had a very short and miserable life in livestock farming. Second, the impact of animal products on the environment is much greater than that of vegetable products. In other words, when dogs and cats eat plant-based foods, other animals don't have to suffer and the environment is less polluted. 

Now the question may arise in your mind: 'A vegetable food for a dog or cat, is that possible ?!'  Then our answer is: 'Yes, that's possible!'. Nowadays there is so much choice on the market that your beloved four-legged friend can choose which one he or she likes best. The only thing you have to pay attention to is that the nutrition is complete. A complete diet means that it contains all the nutrients a dog or cat needs for a long and healthy life. All dry food and wet food that we sell is complete.

Just like you, we do not want your animal to be short of anything. It is precisely because of our love for (all) animals that we have chosen to sell vegetable food. 

Plant-based food is animal-friendly, healthy, sustainable and delicious!

I actually no longer want to feed animal products to my dog ​​or cat, but I still find the step to a plant-based diet very exciting. What do you say to that?

Vegetarian dog and cat food has been around for a long time, more than 40 years. There are now also many success stories of vegan dogs and cats. For example, you can here experiences read from others On the internet you can also read many experiences of others, such as on the website of Vegan4Dogs, on the website of yarrah and the website of V-Dog (this is a different V-Dog than the one we sell). For many dogs and cats, a visible improvement can be seen after eating vegan for a while. See also our page Vegetarian food for dogs or cats with various videos by veterinarian Andrew Knight. He has published a number of articles on his own website can be read back.

My dog ​​or cat is a fussy eater. What is the best way to switch?

When you decide to feed your dog or cat with plant-based food, you may first want to know which food brand your animal likes best. Especially for the fussy eaters, it is useful to try out some food brands before you immediately buy a whole bag. We have special for this starter packs made. This way your dog or cat can taste which one he or she likes best! You can also trial bags order separately.

When your dog or cat has selected a food, we recommend that you switch gradually. This is especially true for the fussy eaters.

I would like to switch, but how can I see or notice that it is good for my dog ​​or cat?

First of all, you can assume that when the food is complete, it contains everything a dog or cat needs to live a healthy and long life. The dog or cat would then not be short of nutrition. Some dogs or cats suffer from allergies. The most common allergy in dogs is that to (certain) animal proteins. Vega nutrition is therefore just the solution for them. Some dogs are allergic to grains, wheat or other nutrients. All our products contain the ingredients, so that you can see exactly what the food contains. See the tab “Specifications”With the products. We even have one for wheat-free and grain-free products page created. You can read more information about allergies in the FAQ 'Allergies'. 

Furthermore, it is of course important that you see a good healthy coat in your animal and that the animal maintains its weight. We regularly hear that veggie food contributes to a shiny coat. For example, read the story of Esmee of sookie.

Many stories are circulating on the internet about dog feces. However, the amount of stool generally doesn't matter much. It is important that it is not too hard or soft. A dog turd has sufficient shape and firmness and should not smell too much. It is easy to pick up without leaving a clear mark on the street. (see also this facebook message from Esther Hagen-Plantinga)

If for any reason you have any doubts about the health of your animal, please consult your vet. Many vets are already familiar with vegetarian food, but not all vets yet. If you happen to meet a vet who is negative about vegetarian food, find another one. There are plenty! 

Can I read stories from people who have already switched?

Hell yes! You can find these stories under the heading Reviews.

Do you already feed your dog or cat vegan and would you like to brand your experience with us, please contact us!

Long chewing pleasure for the dog

What can a dog chew on for a longer period of time?

If you're looking for something your dog can chew on for weeks, months, or sometimes even years, opt for non-edible chew toys. We have several options for that: nylon chew toys from Tasty Bone† These have a taste that makes dogs like to chew on them. We also have the Bam Bones from the Spot brand. These chew toys combine the natural strength of bamboo fibers with nylon fibers, resulting in extra strong and durable chew toys that are suitable for powerful chewers. And for dogs that like to chew wood, we have the chewing roots

Which edible chews do dogs last a long time?

If you are looking for edible chews, we have a number of hard chews that can be chewed a bit longer, but we cannot guarantee exactly how long they will last. This depends on the teeth, age and size of the dog. Below are some examples:

Urinary tract and kidney problems in cats

Do you sell food specifically for cats with kidney disease?

Unfortunately, as far as we know, no vegetarian food for cats with kidney disease is available yet. We do have the supplement 'Cranimals D-Tox'which can support the kidneys. On their website they claim the following: “… Cranimals DTOX provides a superior synergistic blend of key anti-inflammatory antioxidants (proanthocyanidins, phycocyanin, beta carotene, proteins, vitamins (B group), minerals (Cu, Zn, Se, Fe, Mg) and enzymes (Suproxide dismutase) to support the vitally important detoxification organs (liver, kidneys and skin). ”  Cranimals D-Tox can only help with urinary tract problems or kidney disease caused by bacteria.

In addition, it is always useful to do it in consultation with the vet.

How can I prevent urinary tract problems?

It is advisable to monitor the pH of your cat's urine when feeding him or her vegan food. You can gradually phase out the tests and are easy to perform. This prevents the urine from becoming alkaline and there is a chance that bladder stones will form. Do you want to know how to do the pH tests? Look here what Dr. Andrew Knight says about it and check out the here tests of Cranimals

General questions Vega nutrition

Is feeding pets vegan natural?

Keeping pets is unnatural by definition. They do not have to look for food, but are served ready-to-eat chunks. Many meat foods contain hardly any meat. In that sense, the difference with vegetarian food is not as great as it might seem at first glance. In addition, cat food often contains beef or fish, for example. Which cat in nature catches a cow or fish? Whether something is natural or not does not mean whether it is good or bad.

Is feeding pets healthy with vegetarian food?

The dry food we sell is complete food. That means it contains all the necessary nutrients. For example, taurine is always added to the cat food, a very important ingredient for cats to stay healthy. If you have any doubts about your pet's health, always consult your vet.

Is keeping pets vegan?

Whether you think pet keeping is morally responsible depends on why you chose vegetarianism / veganism. Are you by definition against any restriction of freedom for animals? Then an outdoor cat might still be possible, but an indoor cat or a dog is not. If you are a vegetarian or vegan for health reasons, these kinds of arguments play a less important role. We believe that dogs and cats can lead a pleasant and rewarding life as pets. Certainly when it concerns shelter animals, for example from the shelter, their life improves considerably as soon as they come to live with someone in the house. Subsequently, if they are also fed vegetarian food, no other animals need to be sacrificed for their happiness.

In general, what should you pay attention to when you start feeding your dog and / or cat vegan?

The answer to that is quite simple: It is important that your four-legged friend gets a complete diet. This means that the food contains all the nutrients that the dog or cat needs for a long and healthy life. All dry food (chunks) and wet food (can or tub) that we sell is complete. In addition, you could prepare meals yourself according to certain recipes with a supplement added that ensures that it is a complete diet. Below you will find interesting articles, YouTube videos from experts and pet owners and at the bottom you will find interesting websites and recipes.

Are there any articles with information about vegan dog and cat food?

Yes, there are already many articles available online. Below you will find a small selection: Article by veterinarian Andrew Knight published in the journal Animals: Knight, A. & Leitsberger, M. (2016). Vegetarian versus meat-based diets for companion animals. Animals 6, 57. 20 pp. Article in Gentle World: Good nutrition for healthy vegan dogs'. It says that dogs can live well on a vegan diet and they even see positive changes in behavior. They do recommend that you pay close attention that the dog gets a balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients in it. New Study Assessments Amino Acid Levels in Vegan Dogs 3 studies on vegan diets for dogs

Where can I find videos with experts speaking?

Below is a small selection of videos in which experts speak.

Where can I find videos with pet owners speaking?

More and more pet owners are sharing their experiences with vegan dog and cat food. Below a small selection.

Where can I find vegan recipes for dogs and cats?

Here you will find two links to complete vegan recipes for dogs or cats that you can supplement with a supplement. In this way it is a complete meal.

On the website of Compassion Circle (the producer of the VegePet supplements) you will find recipes to prepare meals for your dog or cat. Click here for the recipes.
There are all kinds of things on the Vegan4dogs (Greta food) website recipes. There are nice snacks, but also complete meals. They then add their own supplement: V-complete.

Where can I find websites about vegan dogs and cats?

A small list of the most important websites at the moment (list will be expanded): Veterinarian Andrew Knight: Producer Greta and V-complete: vegan4dogs


Do you have suitable food for puppies?

We have puppy kibble from Benevo and Omni made especially for puppies. Puppies have slightly different nutritional needs than adult dogs. This feed is tailored to this and meets the guidelines of the FEDIAF for food for puppies.

In addition, we have the supplement vegepup that you can add to self-prepared dishes.

The VegePup supplement makes it possible to achieve the correct nutrient balance in your own kitchen. Simply add this vitamin and mineral blend to plant-based, protein-rich ingredients using the VegePup recipes included with the supplement

Which training treats are suitable for puppies?

First of all: puppies especially need complete puppy food. Try to ensure that the amount of snacks does not negatively influence the amount of whole food. Also, always supervise if your puppy gets a bitch.

Are you going to puppy training and need reward food? Then the Vegusto Vegi Maxi sausage an absolute must!

Rick himself has a lot of experience with parenting courses that he gives at the dog school. Almost all dogs love it! And that of course makes them suitable as reward foods. You can cut the sausage into a number of slices and store it in the freezer. If you need some, thaw a slice and cut it into small pieces. After that, it can be kept in the refrigerator for a few days.

Which bones are suitable for puppies?

Benevo chews are suitable for puppies from 4 months: click here.

There are also a number of snacks that are very suitable for puppies in terms of size, e.g .:

In addition, there are other other snacks and cookies that are also not that big. Always keep an eye on them if they are chewing on it and do not give too much of it (1 per day). The most important thing is that they get enough whole food.

What toys and chews are there that can fulfill your puppy's chewing needs?

For the chewing need there are the chewing roots. The puppy can chew on this for a long time and the roots do not splinter (like branches do). In addition, we also have nylon chewing bones that provide long-lasting chewing pleasure. We have various fun toys from the brands: benebone en Tasty Bone.

And of course there are several toys that will keep your puppy entertained for hours!


My dog ​​is allergic to meat and wheat. Some feeds that you offer have 'grains' in the ingredients list, is this wheat?

If the package states that it contains grains, it could be wheat, it could be other grains, or it could be a combination of grains, such as rye, corn, or rice. 

Below a number of feeds without wheat:

For all products without wheat (including wet food and snacks), you can take a look at our page 'Wheat Free'. 

My dog ​​is allergic to grains, but we don't know exactly which one. Do you also have grain-free food?

We have a number of feeds without grains. We have one of wet food grain-free version of Benevo, wet food (4 types) of Do you love en yarrah. All grain-free products can also be found on the Grain-free page.

You can also prepare your own meals using Compassion Circle recipes and supplement them with supplements. Here you will find the recipes. There are a number of grain-free recipes.

* What is meant by cereals? See this one link.

My dog ​​will soon switch temporarily to an allergenic food due to a probable allergy. Do you have snacks that I can give if it is not yet clear what the dog is allergic to?

When it is not clear exactly what your dog is allergic to, it is difficult to give advice. Possible options may include snacks made from one ingredient, such as the sweet potato snacks dr. Chew, the freeze-dried fruit and vegetable snacks from pawfect and the snacks from  soopa chews available in three varieties: coconut, papaya and sweet potato. These snacks all contain just that ingredient. We recommend that you always do this in consultation with the vet.