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Behavioral Therapy

Foreign dogs are now being brought to the Netherlands en masse. This does not always run smoothly. We live with two dogs from abroad: Teddy and Rani. I know from my own experience how difficult some problems can be. One person is afraid of everything in his new environment. The other has learned things on the street that are undesirable at home. You have the best of intentions, but things aren't going the way you want. I work together with my dog ​​and owner towards a pleasant new situation. Do you want to learn to understand the (street) language of your dog?

The name behavioral therapist is not protected and therefore anyone can pretend to be a behavioral therapist. However, there are also a number of courses that are recognized by the professional association for behavioral therapists Alpha. Dogvision's training in behavioral therapy in dogs is one of them. Dogvision is a training institution recognized by CRKBO. 

I am registered at the NVGH (Dutch Association of Behavioral Therapists for Dogs) under membership number: 1443

From 2014 to 2018 I followed the training as a behavioral therapist in dogs at Dogvision. There I followed the modules below:

Other lectures / workshops I have followed: