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We believe that a vegan lifestyle is the most animal-friendly choice. We therefore sell food, snacks and toys that are completely vegan.

We know from experience that it has previously been difficult to obtain vegan food. To save others this inconvenience, we strive to offer all available vegan products for pets in our webshop. We want to be generally regarded as the most complete webshop for vegan pets.

In addition to offering the products, we also like to spread knowledge about vegan feeding of pets. We are open to conversation and customers or interested parties can always contact us with questions or comments.

We think it is very important that we offer products that are the most animal, human and environmentally friendly. In addition to all vegan feed products, we also sell other products, such as feed scoops and toys. Here too we pay attention to sustainability. These products are made from biodegradable material and / or recycled material.

Sustainability is paramount in our business operations:

  • The workspace and storage are located in a well-insulated building with solar panels on the roof and LED lighting.
  • We use recycled paper for the packing slips.
  • We use used boxes as much as possible. The other boxes are made from recycled cardboard.
  • We use paper tape to seal the boxes.  


VegaVriend strives to make vegan food for dogs and cats the norm instead of the exception. We want to do this by spreading knowledge and by offering the most complete possible range of vegan pet food (and other vegan pet products).