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King Catnip products are filled with 100% organic North American catnip. It has a strong aromatic scent and is widely regarded as the best catnip in the world. Because they only use the leaves, King Catnip toys are much more attractive to cats.

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    • Antos Roots Chewing Root (XS - M)

      9.92 - 17.85 Available as a subscription
    • I&I Koffieboom Chew root (xs - large)

      9.87 - 14.83

What do the gourmets say?

  • When Bobje got completely vegan food, he improved enormously and the allergies have also decreased enormously, and even stayed away.


    Vegan since:

    March 2020

    Favorite snack:

  • It is nice that it is not necessary to promote the meat industry with the food for our cat.


    Vegan since:

    September 2021

    Favorite snack:

    Vegusto Vegi-Cat Red
  • My dog ​​is doing very well on the food of hownd† He also really likes the kibble and for the first time since I got him he chews on his kibble. He never did that before, not even with an anti-shock box.


    Vegan since:

    December 2021

    Favorite snack:

    Anibio Tartar free bats