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Health test

It is important to know how healthy your four-legged friend is. You can easily measure this with a health test. We have two types of health tests in our shop.

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      Cranimal's Overall Health Test (Dog)

    • Cranimals P-catch (for dogs)

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      Cranimals UTI test (dog)

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What do the gourmets say?

  • Lou eats Greta chunks and in addition he gets home cooked food for breakfast. His experience with this is very positive, because Lou likes it and is very healthy!


    Vegan since:

    December 2018

    Favorite snack:

    Vegan reward candies with carrot
  • Tuck has an active lifestyle and does very well on vegan food!


    Vegan since:


    Favorite snack:

    VegDog Beevy
  • Cauliflower ('Bloemie') has been eating vegan since the end of 2019.

    Cauliflower ('Flower'),

    Vegan since:

    December 2019

    Favorite snack: