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Wheat-free Dry dog ​​food

Wheat-free dog chunks are free of wheat. Perfect for dogs with allergies to this cereal. In addition, it can also have a positive effect on dogs without a wheat allergy. All dog food is 100% vegetable and is full of essential vitamins and minerals. Wheat-free dog food is good for the skin and makes your dog feel more energetic and fit. So are you planning to let your dog eat wheat-free? Then quickly view our range of wheat-free dog food!

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    • VegDog Farmer's Crunch | Wheat free

      17.80 - 62.43 Available as a subscription
    • Ami Dog Vegan Dog Food | Wheat Free

      26.27 - 79.29 Available as a subscription
    • Ami Dog Vegan Dog Food Small Dog | Wheat Free

      10.36 - 27.22 Available as a subscription
    • Benevo Vegan Dog Food | Wheat Free

      14.27 - 85.24 Available as a subscription
    • VeggieAnimals Vegan Dry Dog Food – Plus

      23.30 - 82.26
    • Greta Vegan Dog Food | Wheat and Soy Free

      36.64 - 86.23 Available as a subscription
    • Greta Vegan Dog Food Small Dog | Wheat Free

      16.55 - 69.37 Available as a subscription
    • Hownd Plant Powered Superfood Vegan Dog Food | Gluten free | Soy free | Wheat free

      22.76 - 99.12 Available as a subscription
    • Permanently reduced in price

      VegDog Green Crunch Vegan Dog Food | Grain Free & Hypoallergenic

      17.80 - 77.31 Available as a subscription

Why wheat-free dog food for my dog?

Dogs are often completely crazy about dog food. It would therefore be a pity if dogs with an allergy to wheat cannot eat dog food. Fortunately, we have plenty of choice in our range of wheat-free dog kibble, so your dog can continue to enjoy his delicious kibble. Just like humans, dogs can develop allergies, including wheat. Switching to wheat-free dog food is therefore a must. Dogs should absolutely not eat wheat on a wheat-free diet.

Benefits of wheat-free food

Wheat is often used as a filler in dog food. Because wheat is cheap, the selling price is kept relatively low. When you go for wheat-free dog food, your dog will certainly feel more energetic. In addition, it can also have other positive effects. Wheat-free dog food is also 100% vegetable, free of animal testing, free of color and fragrances and free of preservatives.

Difference grain-free and wheat-free

Grain-free or wheat-free, many people do not know that these are two different allergies. It is therefore important to know the difference for your dog. With grain-free dogs should absolutely not eat grains. Think of grains such as wheat, oats and rye. In addition, it is important to know that grain-free also immediately means gluten-free. Gluten is a protein that is found in different grains. Wheat-free literally means that your dog should not eat wheat. Other grains can therefore be eaten normally.

What do the gourmets say?

  • When Bobje got completely vegan food, he improved enormously and the allergies have also decreased enormously, and even stayed away.


    Vegan since:

    March 2020

    Favorite snack:

  • It is nice that it is not necessary to promote the meat industry with the food for our cat.


    Vegan since:

    September 2021

    Favorite snack:

    Vegusto Vegi-Cat Red
  • My dog ​​is doing very well on the food of hownd† He also really likes the kibble and for the first time since I got him he chews on his kibble. He never did that before, not even with an anti-shock box.


    Vegan since:

    December 2021

    Favorite snack:

    Anibio Tartar free bats