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Vegan Dog Training and Reward Treats

If you want to teach your dog it is easy to use small foods, because you want to be able to reward many times. In addition, it is important that the dog really likes the food. Here are the best reward products. These products are small or easy to make small. What your dog likes differs per dog. So you will have to try this out. The Vegusto sausage is at No. 1. You can cut this sausage into slices and then store it in the freezer. As soon as you need some, thaw a slice and cut it into small cubes. That way you have a lot of reward foods. Moreover, almost all dogs find this very tasty!

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What do the gourmets say?

  • Vegan food has all the nutrients Sparky needs to continue with his adventurous lifestyle, even at his age.


    Vegan since:


    Favorite snack:

  • Tito is as energetic and healthy as he has always been after starting a vegan diet.


    Vegan since:

    August 2022

    Favorite snack:

    VegDog Jerkeys
  • Since My Ki eats vegetables, his beige spots have come back, he is no longer nauseous, he no longer vomits and he is more energetic.

    My Ki,

    Vegan since:


    Favorite snack:

    Garden Bites Dental Sticks