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I have been the owner of VegaVriend since 2015, but I gained experience with vegan pet food for years before that. In 2006 we got our first cat from the shelter: Snoopy. She was 3,5 years old at the time. She has eaten Amicat and Benevo cat kibble from the beginning. At the time of writing she is almost 17 years old and she still eats vegan kibble. More than half a year after Snoopy, we took cat Hannah from the shelter. She was half a year old then. She too has eaten vegan kibble from the start.

Today we also have two dogs: Rani & Teddy

My background is environmental science and philosophy. In 2001 I graduated in Environmental Sciences at the Van Hall Institute and in 2007 I completed my studies in philosophy at the University of Groningen. During this study I specialized in (animal) ethics. Recently I completed the study behavioral therapy in dogs at Dogvision. I can now call myself and I am also a canine instructor at a dog school.

The reason why I started VegaVriend is because I wanted to make vegan dog and cat food more available. Before I started with VegaVriend, I occasionally gave presentations about why you should give vegan food to pets. However, in practice it turned out that it was not always easy to obtain the products. So I try to change that with VegaVriend by offering the widest possible range, so that there is a vegan option for every dog ​​or cat.

I want to stay informed about all facets of vegan feeding for dogs and cats and that is why I try to keep up to date as much as possible with what is being written, especially in the (popular) scientific world.


Since January 1, 2019 I can proudly call myself part of this team! I obtained my HBO diploma in Animal Health & Management in 2016 and then spent some time looking for work that suits me. After a year of working at the office at the National Animal Protection Inspectorate, I found out that I was looking for something else: Work that makes me happy and not only puts energy into it, but also gives it energy! I have been vegan since 2014, because I am convinced that I can save most lives that way. I really wanted to work at a vegan company. My dog ​​(who passed away in 2015) always got vegan food and 'vegetarian food for dogs' was also my graduation topic. So I've been interested in vegan pet food for some time now.

It seems that I am completely at home at VegaVriend! Here I can help normalize vegan pet food, which I find super interesting and important.

At the moment I do not have my own dog or cat. I do have a babysitter every now and then, Ché (see photo), with whom I go for a walk in the woods every day.