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Vegan since: November 2020
Age: 10 years
Favorite snack:

Carrot in number 1 and second place in the Vegusto Vegi-Dog maxi sausage

Deli loves carrot

”Deli has been living with us since mid-November and I switched her to vegan food from that moment on. I soon noticed that she really likes to eat vegetables, because she always likes to eat carrots and she also likes to eat cucumber and broccoli. She likes to eat kibble much less. I've given her all kinds of vegan kibble for small dogs, but she doesn't like to take them as much as vegetables. So I went to see if she likes it when I try a recipe from the book Dog.Eat.Plant make for her. It contains a recipe that contains her favorite vegetables: Rani's Lentil and Seitan stew. Deli loves it! She licks the bowl completely empty every time. Sometimes she also gets wet food To me of benevo when I'm not cooking myself. She also likes to eat that, especially benevo she likes it.

I enjoy cooking vegan for her. That way I know exactly what she's ingesting and I know no other animals have suffered for it. With the added supplement (V-Complete) it also has a nice smell. She really enjoys it, so a win win for everyone!'- Melissa


Written on 14/1/2021