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Vegan wet food for cats is ideal for picky eaters. Vegan wet food eats away easily and has a lot of smell. Its smoothness makes it ideal for cats that have a hard time getting rid of dry food. In addition, vegan wet food also helps cats that do not consume enough moisture and it is much easier to hide medicines in wet food. Of course our wet food is 100% vegetable and better for animals and the environment. Are you looking for vegan wet food for your cat? Then quickly view our range.

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      Benevo Duo Wet Food for Dogs and Cats

      3.66 - 40.25 Available as a subscription
    • Vegusto Vegi-Cat Fix

      7.88 Available as a subscription
    • Vegusto Vegi-Cat Maxi Sausage

      8.88 Available as a subscription
    • Vegusto Vegi-Cat Red

      7.88 Available as a subscription

Why vegan wet food for my cat?

Wet food is cat food with a high moisture content, which is different from dry cat food. Because vegan wet food for cats is wet and has a strong aroma, it is extra attractive to cats. Vegan wet food for cats is not only better for the environment, but also healthier for your cat. With our products we only pay attention to the health of your cat. We make sure that everything your cat needs is present in the vegan wet food for cats, you can count on that.

Benefits of vegan wet food

Wet food has many advantages in itself. Wet food is perfect for the picky cat. There is a good chance that your cat will lick its bowl completely clean with wet food for cats. In addition, vegan wet food can also help cats that drink too little. Due to the high moisture content, wet food is therefore optimal for getting more moisture. It is also useful for cats taking medication. Thanks to the smoothness of vegan wet food, it is ideal for hiding tablets, so your cat will eat its medicines unnoticed.

We only sell 100% vegetable products. Better for the environment, better for your cat and better for other animal species. The advantages for your cat are that she or he does not ingest offal or other unpleasant substances that are processed in food containing animal products.

What do the gourmets say?

  • Cauliflower ('Bloemie') has been eating vegan since the end of 2019.

    Cauliflower ('Flower'),

    Vegan since:

    December 2019

    Favorite snack:

  • It is nice that it is not necessary to promote the meat industry with the food for our cat.


    Vegan since:

    September 2021

    Favorite snack:

    Vegusto Vegi-Cat Red
  • Uli is the last in line of our 6 adopted cats. He has been getting vegan food since he came to us as a kitten and is doing more than fine. He's the clown of our gang and is always ready to play or get into mischief. Enough energy.
    Luckily he also likes to cuddle and be nice :).


    Vegan since:

    November 2018

    Favorite snack:

    He wants to taste everything we eat ...