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The health, vitality and welfare of animals are high on Anibio's list. They have been fully committed to this for 25 years. They prefer to work with organic and regional products. In addition, they only use high-quality raw materials in their products and they are free of preservatives, chemicals, additives and flavors.

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    • Anibio Tartar Free Knuppies - (250 grams)

      13.79 Available as a subscription
    • Anibio Tartar-free Knuppies - mini (190 grams)

      11.50 Available as a subscription
    • Tartar-free (60 grams, 140 grams)

      12.50 - 27.50 Available as a subscription

What do the gourmets say?

  • Tuck has an active lifestyle and does very well on vegan food!


    Vegan since:


    Favorite snack:

    VegDog Beevy
  • Cauliflower ('Bloemie') has been eating vegan since the end of 2019.

    Cauliflower ('Flower'),

    Vegan since:

    December 2019

    Favorite snack:

  • Tried everything in the past (salmon, lamb, etc), but nothing helped. Chica has been eating vegan for over 4 years now and she is rid of her itch and hotspots.


    Vegan since:


    Favorite snack: