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Vegan since: March 2023
Age: 2 years
Favorite snack:

Vegusto sausage en VegDog Jerkeys

Binky's skin and fur look better

Binky has more energy since going vegan and his skin and coat look better. He also likes everything very much.

”I recently adopted Binky through a rescue foundation, and because I have been a vegan myself for 10 years, I now know that a dog can live a healthy and happy life on vegan food. I have the VeggieAnimals Plus chunks chosen Binky because it seemed to me the best composition. And aIf no one has to suffer for it, food also tastes much better!

Binky likes the most, anyway the kibble, and of it sample pack of VegDog snacks he doesn't like 2 but I gave them away to Rio, another dog. 

Binky was rescued from the streets in Romania and probably ate what he could get there. Fortunately, he now eats much healthier. He jumps and wags his tail when he hears the bag crack. And he also looks lively and with good energy.” – Marieke Griffin