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100% Vegan

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Vegan since: September 2019
Age: 1 years
Favorite snack:

Currently Ami Cat kibble en VegePet sweet potato training balls.

Dobby is super energetic

“Dobby gets vegan food, because I am a confident vegan and I want to give my cat a healthy diet, without E-numbers, et cetera. At the moment he gets a mixture of Amy Catbenevo and Evolution Gourmet Fondue. Dobby only gets the kibble, the wet food is not his thing. He is very fond of the kibble. The first time I gave him some to taste, they couldn't run out fast enough. 

He now eats more, as it is getting colder, but he is super energetic with that food! Before that, because that is its nature, but digestion is smoother. ”  - Birgit

Written on 17/10/2019