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Vegan since: June 2018
Age: 11 months
Favorite snack:

'Mia Maria has health problems and is therefore (temporarily) not allowed to use many different types of food, so she does not have a favorite snack. She is very happy with her Benebone dental chew and Benebone wishbone with peanut butter flavor.

Mia Maria likes to chew on Benebone

“Because Mia Maria is ill and is on a wheat and soy-free diet on the advice of the vet, it is very nice that these nutrients are not in quite a few products, so that Mia Maria could choose which feed brand she liked best. At the moment she gets Greta chunks en Benevo grain and soy free wet food.

Mia Maria also has a tree root from the webshop, which she especially liked as a young puppy! Now the Benebone chew toys are her favorite! ” - Miranda de Velde Harsenhorst

Written on 17/2/2019