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Vegan since: May 2019
Age: 17 weeks (25/06/2019)
Favorite snack:

She likes vanilla cookies, but so does a chew stick.

Saar, the young vegan

Saar is our first dog. I myself eat vegan and I also strive for an existence as vegan as possible. The choice whether or not to get a dog was a long question…. In the end we went for our Saar. Then you come across information about nutrition. Dogs are descended from wolves, and wolves eat meat. Feeding meat didn't feel okay to me. If it really should for Saar; okay, but i continued looking. I follow Lisette Kreischer via Instagram and Facebook and I also met her personally and I thought: 'I will ask her'. She had sent me a nice story that made me stronger in my choice. I also made contact with VegaVriend and they also had a good and beautiful story about vegan dog food. With this information and by following my heart I dared to. In addition to the Benevo puppy kibble she currently also receives the reward cookies from Baby Latta Mix. A party for Saar and for me too! No smelly meat hands, but a nice vanilla scent. She now gets a lot of reward cookies, but we usually break the cookies into 5 pieces. So we use it for a long time.

From my environment I regularly get the comment: "It must be expensive!" Yes and no. If you get food in a cheap supermarket… Yes, we will lose more. When you buy a more expensive type of chunks, the price is not more expensive. You want your dog to be strong and healthy, don't you? The reward cookies are also inexpensive. 900 grams for 4,75 euros. Just go to a pet store and buy a tray of treat cookies there. A jar of 300 grams costs 3,55 euros! Then vegan is not more expensive!

Extra addition:
At VegaVriend I have noticed that you can always email. They think along and give advice where necessary. The orders we have placed are neatly shipped and have always received a snack as a gift. For example, we introduced Saar to the vegan pig ear and chew sticks. Everything we order (which of course is new for us and for Saar) is eaten with great pleasure. Although my environment does not advise raising the dog vegan, I am happy with VegaVriend and I do not want to switch to meat…. ” -