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Vegan since: Fall 2018
Age: 14,5 years
Favorite snack:

Favorite snack: Soopa Chew (Papaya)

Yena, switched at a late age

“Yena is currently receiving the Ultra Sensitive chunks from Yarrah, because I have the belief that I want to contribute as little as possible to animal suffering.

Yena used to always receive 'normal' animal feed (ie dry chunks and fresh meat). However, I myself have been a vegetarian for over 12 years and since the summer of 2018 also vegan, on principle because I do not support the animal suffering caused by the bio-industry and not through financial support, by buying animal products, in wish to hold out. The switch to vegan was partly due to a relationship with a convinced vegan and she also provided me with the necessary information about the dog as an omnivore. That perspective made me decide to switch to vegan feed for Yena as well, simply because this also means less animal suffering in the world. The switch went without problems, she likes to eat the food and it is also good for her. Healthy shiny coat, still vital, in short: a happy healthy doggy. Even in their old age, dogs clearly appreciate healthy and ethically responsible food! ” - Erwin de Ryke

Written on 20/05/2019